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All Wusaki knives

Find all the different ranges of Wusaki knives on this page. In just a few clicks, you can access different collections of kitchen knives that will meet your expectations thanks to their top quality components. Whether your are a hobby cook or a professional chef, among these knife ranges you will certainly be able to find the knife that best fits your needs and preferences.

Our knives have blades that are made of different types of steel: VG10 Japanese steel, "Solingen" German steel, AUS-8 Japanese steel, Japanese Blue Super Steel enriched with carbon... The different qualities of each type of steel adapt perfectly to the different needs that you might have. For example, you can choose a certain kind of steel for the durability of its sharp edge or for the ease of sharpening it. You might also make your choice based on how easy is to ...

Find all the different ranges of Wusaki knives on this page. In just a few clicks, you can access different collections of kitchen knives that will meet your expectations thanks to their top quality components. Whether your are a hobby cook or a professional chef, among these knife ranges you will certainly be able to find the knife that best fits your needs and preferences.

Our knives have blades that are made of different types of steel: VG10 Japanese steel, "Solingen" German steel, AUS-8 Japanese steel, Japanese Blue Super Steel enriched with carbon... The different qualities of each type of steel adapt perfectly to the different needs that you might have. For example, you can choose a certain kind of steel for the durability of its sharp edge or for the ease of sharpening it. You might also make your choice based on how easy is to maintain the steel or simply how well the blade cuts.

The different remarkable finishes on our blades also deserve a special mention: 67 layers of damascus steel, hammered surfaces, Nashiji finish with a raw look... It is up to you to select the one that you prefer.

As for the handles of all Wusaki knives, it is impossible to determine which one is the most beautiful. The different woods that we use for the making of our handles stand out not only for their beauty but also for their qualities. For example, some handles are made of olive wood, which is a noble wood characterised for its fruity smell. There are also handles made of walnut wood, which is a wood with contrasting shades and that offers an impressive resistance to humidity. Other handles are made of magnolia, which is a light, hard wood that gives the knives a traditional look. Last but not least, we also have handles made of Pakkawood, which is a composite material well known for being resistant and easy to maintain. The knife ranges equipped with Pakkawood handles are suitable for professional usage.

We are therefore honoured to propose you kitchen knives that are durable, beautiful, of great quality, and at unbeatable prices! Our knives are the proof that high quality is not always synonym of an extremely high price. From the forging of the blades to the assembly of the different parts, we give our very best to make sure that all of our customers are entirely satisfied. Do not hesitate anymore and discover for yourself what makes our knives so special!

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  • Damas VG10 knives

    Discover in this page the entire range of the Wusaki Damas VG10 knives, which is the major knife series of Wusaki! This series has the most demanded types of kitchen knives by cooks: paring knife, slicing knife, chef knife, etc... Impossible to not love cooking with such knives that are as beautiful as they are efficient! Each single detail of a Damas VG10 knife was carefully thought, studied, and chosen to guarantee the creation of true masterpiece of modern cutlery. For starters, the blade has a Japanese VG10 steel core, a type of steel highly appreciated in Japanese cutlery due to its carbon content (up to 1%, whereas most European knives only reach 0.5%). The high carbon content enhances the hardness of the blade (around 60HRC), which can be sharpened with a more acute angle to obtain a razor sharp edge. The carbon content also helps to maintain the sharpness for longer time, and thus reducing the frequency of sharpening sessions.

    The core is surrounded with 67 layers of damask steel; in other words, overlapping layers of mild and hard steel that protect the hard core. This ancient technique provides the knife with the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility (to avoid having blades that break easily). The layers overlap each otheron the lower part of the blade. The superior part has a hammered surface, and the hammered finish is different in every single knife!

    Last but not least, the handle is made of olive wood, which has been treated to be more resistant. This is a noble type of wood that has a fruity and pleasant scent. The grip is also special as the smooth surface and the orignal shape fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. The veinings of the wood are never the same, and that adds more cachet to each knife in this series.

    Do not give it a second thought and choose to equip your kitchen with Wusaki knives; extraordinary kitchen knives made with the best materials that ensure a great look and perfect cuts!

  • Pakka X50 knives

    Discover our entire collection of Wusaki Pakka X50 knives! The kitchen knives from the Wusaki Pakka X50 series are made with materials of high quality and durability. The blade of each of these knives is made of German stainles steel with composition X50CrMoV15, which is commonly known as "Solingen Steel." This type of steel has a 15% of chromium content that enhances the blade's resistance to corrosion. This type of steel is highly appreciated in the cutlery industry, because it is durable and easy to sharpen thanks to its hardness level of 56/58 HRC in the Rockwell scale. Moreover, the steel is also enriched with molybdenum and vanadium, which are two elements that improve the solidity of the blade. Each Wusaki Pakka X50 knife is characterised for a remarkable cutting peformance that enables you to make precise and clean cuts on your foods, and you can eaily maintain the blade's sharpness with a Wusaki whetstone. Probably the most original characteristic of the blade is its hammered finish, which is different on every single knife! The hammered surface of the blade gives the knife an original, aesthetic, and elegant touch.

    All Wusaki Pakka X50 knives are sharpened by hand using a moving, leather band at an angle of 15° on each side of the blade. The accumulated sharpening angle is thus of 30°. This is why the blade can penetrate your foods with great ease and precision. You'll be able to feel its great cutting performance since the very first cut! In addition, the blade also has a shiny, polished finish that accomplishes a double function: 1) it enhances the knife's look, and 2) it strengthens the blade's corrosion resistance. 

    The handle is made of Pakkawood, which is an ultra resistant material that is composed of compressed of wood and resin put together via a heat treatment. The final result is extremely similar to wood thanks to the original veinings on the surface. The Pakkawood has the advantage of being resistant to humidity, bacteria, and fluctuations in temperature. Its dark colour with reddish tones makes perfect contrast with the steel of the blade. The steel bottom of the handle is engraved with a Japanese character that represents the Tiger

    The range of Wusaki Pakka X50 knives offers the main types of knives that you expect to find in a kitchen: a paring knife, a carving knife, a chef knife... You can equip your kitchen with the knives you need at ultra competitive prices! Each knife comes in a beautiful black box where the knife remains well-protected. Don't hesitate anymore and improve your cooking routine with the beautiful knives from this series!

  • Ebony AUS8 knives

    Discover the complete range of Wusaki Ebony AUS8 kitchen knives! This series offers knives suitable for all cooks and for all types of food ingredients: paring knife, bread knife, chef knife, santou knife, etc... These knives are as good as they are beautiful. To be more specific, the blade of each of these kitchen knives is made of Japanese AUS8 steel, which is an alloy highly appreciated in the culinary world for several reasons. For example, this type of steel is enriched with carbon and tunsgten, and those two elements make the blade attain a hardness of 59 HRC in the Rockwell scale. This level of hardness represents an optimal balance between an edge that is easy to sharpen and an edge that remains sharp for long time. Therefore, your knife will remain sharp despite using it repeteadly, and it will also be easy to hone again whenever you need it. Moreover, the Japanese AUS8 steel has a consirable amount of chromium in it, which makes it resistant to corrosion.

    For an impeccable finish, the blade of every Wusaki Ebony AUS8 knife is hammered with a press. This creates dimples on the upper surface of the blade, which not only adds cachet to the knife's look but also enhances the blade's anti-adherent capacity (as it is the case for a scalloped knife). 

    The edge of the blade is sharpened by hand on a leather grinding band using an angle of 30°, which is perfect to guarantee an optimal penetration into your foods.

    As for the handle, it is made of ebony wood; a noble and robust material that feels pleasant in the hand. Its varnished surface is resistant to humidity and stains, which allows you to use the knife in professional kitchens. The bottom end of the handle is made of steel. You can see two red bands that separate the wood from the steel parts, which add a touch of elegance to the overall look of the knife. Finally, the oval shape of the handle adapts perfectly to both right and left handed cooks.

    So do not hesitate to opt for the Wusaki Ebony AUS8 knives and enjoy the quality of truly durable, beautiful, and reliable kitchen knives!

  • Fujiko VG10 knives

    Discover in this page the full range of Wusaki Fujiko VG10 knives! In this knife series you can find the main knives that every cook needs in the kitchen: paring knife, chef knife, boning knife, etc... Regardless of which you one you need, one thing is certain: you'll get a knife truly one of a kind! Every little detail on every Fujiko VG10 knife has been designed to guarantee an excellent quality and a stunning look.

    First of all, the blade of each knife has a Japanese VG10 steel core. This type of high-end steel is highly appreciated by both Western and Japanese cooks thanks to its high carbon content, which is of 1% whereas in most kitchen knives is only 0.5%. Such level of carbon allows the blade to have great hardness (around 60 HRC). Another advantage of this steel is that it can withstand a deeper sharpening, and thus you can get a truly razor sharp edge. Last but not least, the carbon in the steel helps the blade to remain sharp for longer time, so you won't need to sharpen it so frequently.

    The core of the blade is then covered by 67 layers of damascus steel. In other words, the blade has 67 overlapping layers of soft and hard steel that protect the hard core. This renowned Japanese technique of blade construction gives the knife an optimal balance between hardness and flexibility to avoid having a blade that is too brittle. The different damascus layers are what give the blade its original patterns that are visible on its surface.

    Last but not least, the handle of these knives is made of olive wood, which has been sanded and treated to be more resistant. Olive wood is a natural material with a fruity smell that is quite pleasant. Its smooth surface is also highly appreciated as it lets you hold your knives in all comfort. The straight shape of the handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the bolster has been carefully designed so that you can enjoy an easier grip that lets you have more control over each of your cuts. Moreover, the veinings of the wood are unique to each single handle, thus making each knife a truly unique piece.

    Opt for the impressive quality of Wusaki knives and enjoy preparing your meals with superb knives made with materials of top quality!

  • Hayato X50 knives
  • Kanjo AS Knives

    Discover the kitchen knives from Wusaki Kanjo AS collection! These knives are entirely made in Japan from A to Z. From the forging of the steel to the final sharpening of the blade, these knives are created by artisans with an expertised that comes from the know-how of old blacksmiths of traditional Katana swords. The blade of every Wusaki Kanjo AS knife has a San Mai construction, which means that it is made of 3 overlapping steel layers. The core of the blade is made of Blue Super Steel from the Hitachi steelworks. This steel has a special composition enriched with a high carbon percentage of 1.5%. Such high level of carbon makes the blade ultra hard (around 65 HRC in the Rockwell scale), which allows a highly acute sharpening that helps the blade to keep a sharp edge for quite a long time. Hence, this knife does not need to be honed so often to remain sharp. This is indeed a high-end steel that is highly appreciated in the Land of the Rising Sun.

    The core is surrounded by a layer of soft stainless steel to protect it from corrosion. This layer also makes the blade less rigid, and thus less fragile against strokes. The demarcation of the different steel layers is visible on the blade's surface near the cutting edge.

    Each of the knives of this range is sharpened by hand with a whetstone using a very acute angle. This is why the penetration of the blade into the foods is precise and does not tear up the internal fibres of the food.

    Moreover, the upper part of the blade's surface is hammered, and the dimples created by the hammering are different on every knife. This means that there no two knives that exactly the same.

    The handle is made of hard honoki wood (magnolia), which has been polished to ensure a pleasant grip. The shape of the handle is octagonal, and it adapts perfectly to all cooks. The handle is completed by a black bolster that makes an elegant link with the blade.

    Equip your kitchen with the Wusaki Ebony VG10 knives and be witness of their exceptional quality. They'll help you with your daily food cuts throughout several years.

  • Koshiro AUS10 knives
  • Migaki G3
  • Nakata BS2 Knives

    Find here all the kitchen knives from the Wusaki Nakata BS2 series. In this knife range you can find different knife models for taking care of all your food cuts. For example, there is a chef knife, a santoku knife, a nakiri knife... You just need to choose the knife that best adapts to your recipes. The blade of a Wusaki Nakata BS2 knife is made of the Japanese steel known as Super Steel n°2. This high-end steel is highly enriched with carbon, which allows it to reach a hardness of 62-63 HRC in the Rockwell scale. This very high level of hardness enables the blade to keep a sharp edge for long time, whilst remaining easy to hone whenever needed. Another advantage of having a blade with such hardness is that it can endure a deeper sharpening at a highly acute angle, which guarantees a razor sharp edge that penetrates into your foods with extreme ease.

    The core of the blade is surrounded by a layer of stainless steel. This layer protects the core, as every steel with a high carbon content is highly sensitive to corrosion. This steel construction composed of a hard core wrapped by a stainless steel layer is known as San Mai. Despite the external stainless steel layer, a blade with a core that has such high content of carbon must not be treated as a standard stainless steel blade. It must be washed by hand, and it must be dried immediately with a soft cloth to avoid any trace of humidity.

    Another important part of these knives is the handle. It is made of walnut wood, which is a material characterised for its resistance to heat and humidity. The veinings on the wooden surface are unique and different on every single knife. The round shape of the handle adapts to all cooks, and its polished surface ensures a soft touch and a comfortable grip. The bolster between the walnut wood handle and the carbon steel blade is made of pakkawood, which is a composite material that is resistant to changes in temperature. Its colour matches perfectly with the colour of the walnut wood.

    Choose the authentic Japanese quality for your kitchen with the Wusaki Nakata BS2 knives, which have are entirely made in Japan. Their aesthetics is as good as their impressive cutting perfomance, which is why cooks love them!

  • Nogami BS2 knives

    Discover in this page the kitchen knives from the Wusaki Nogami BS2 collection! These Japanese knives are crafted by the famous workshop Tadafusa and come on a wide variety of styles to allow you to perform different types of cut. The Nogami BS2 handmade selection includes a chef knife, a nakiri, a santoku... You will be able to cut different kinds of food.

    The Wusaki nogami BS2's blade is made of Japanese steel, called the Blue Steel n°2. It is a high-end steel with many advantages. For instance, its carbon content is way above average, reaching a hardness level of 62/63 HRC on the Rockwell scale. This high rockwell hardness number allows the blade to hold its edge longer while being easy to re-sharpen when you feel the need to do so. A blade with a high hardness can get re-sharpened more extensively. Thus, you can enjoy a razor-sharp edge to cut with greater ease at first use.

    The central core of the blade is surrounded by a folded stainless steel layer. This layer is used as a "protection jacket" for the core more prone to rust. This 3-layer construction has a name: the San-Maï structure. We can also see that the knife has raw finish on the top of the blade called the "Nashiji finish".

    It is important to remind that a high-carbon steel knife needs extra care to keep it in top shape. It should be washed by hand immediately after use and dried with a towel. 

    Every Nogami BS2 knife features a handle made of walnut wood. This very sought-after and fine wood is renowned for its good resistance to humidity and high temperatures. You can also notice the beautiful shades going from light brown to deep brown veined with black. As the wood is a living material each handle is unique for its tone and veining. Moreover, its shape makes it very conmfortable to hold and is suitable for everyone. Its stainless steel bolster provides a smooth transition between the handle and the blade. 

    Opt for the Wusaki Nogami BS2 traditionnally handcrafted in Japan! Choose the best quality for your food cuts !  

  • Couteaux Unagi AUS10
  • Yasuko VG5 knives
  • Yoshi G3 knives
  • Yuzo BS2 Knives

    Discover all the Wusaki Yuso WS2 knives on our website. This beautiful hand-made range includes a wide variety of different types of typical Japanese knives to allow you to perform various exotic recipes at ease. Thus, you will have the choice between all kind of different shapes and uses, among which: the santoku, the ko bocho, the bunka, the kiritsuke, the funayuki… You might learn more about the world of traditional Japanese knives.

    The Wusaki Yuso WS2 blade is made with a specific type of carbon steel called Aogami 2 (also named White Steel n°2). This very high-end alloy is considered to be one of the best for knife-making. It contains 1.2% of carbon to reach the high hardness level of 62 HRC (Rockwell’s scale).  This very feature allows the blade to retain its edge for a long time while being easy to sharpen if needed. You just have to select the right sharpening stone to restore the edge properly.

    The blade is called “San Maï” which is Japanese for “3 layers” because its makeup features a 3-layers structure. The middle layer is Aogami 2 which is hard and acts as the cutting edge. The two outer layers are made of softer and more stain resistant steel in order to make the blade both flexible and incredibly sharp.  You can notice the Kanji engraved on the side of the blade that contributes to add an authentic charm to these incredible pieces of cutlery. Last but not least, the unique Kurouchi (Black-forged) finish of the blade gives these knives a very characterful and rustic aesthetic prized by many Japanese Chefs.

    However, while Kurouchi knives require less maintenance than typical carbon steel knives, it is required to hand wash them carefully shortly after use with a damp sponge (no need to use soap of any kind).  Dry them immediately with a clean and dry cloth.

    Each Yuso WS2 knife features a handle made of morado wood. This exotic wood exhibits a very smooth fine grain with black stripes; it has a slightly reddish warm brown color with a random pattern of black veins that makes each piece unique. Its oval shape fits perfectly in any type of hand. The water-resistant red pakkawood bolster harmonizes elegantly between the blade and the handle.

    Don’t not hesitate to check out these Wusaki Yuso WS2 knives characterized by a traditional design, entirely forged in Japan, by the well-know blacksmith Kosuke Muneishi ! If you are looking for an aesthetic and authentic hand-made Japanese knife, you should definitely give it a try!

  • Knife Bags and Cases

    Discover in this page all the Wusaki knife bags and cases! The storage and transport of your kitchen knives require a solid and durable accessory so that your knives can be well-protected. The Wusaki knife bags were in fact carefully designed to accomplish that purpose. First of all, they are made of black polyester, which is a solid material that protects the knives against strokes, whilst still remaining lightweight for a comfortable transport. They are robust, but much less heavy than bags and cases made of hard materials.

    You have the possibility of choosing among different sizes of bags: one of them has 9 slots whilst the other one has 21 slots. Whichever size you choose, each knife and utensil will be well organized in its own slot, and they will all be secured in their place with either Velcro fasteners or additional protection flaps. The bags have been designed so that your knives and utensils do not crash against each other inside the bag. The Wusaki knife bags also come with adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to simply hang the bag around your shoulder, thus leaving your hands free and enjoying of a comfortable transport. For professional chefs as well as for culinary students, these bags and cases are guaranteed to meet your needs and expectations!

    Inside these bags you can easily store your paring knife, your chef knife, your carving knife, but also your apron, your gloves, your recipe book, your spatulas... well, everything you that need to succeed with your food preparations! Do not waste more time and choose your favourite model among the different options that we have carefully designed to meet your needs.

  • Whetstones

    Discover the Wusaki whetstones: sharpening stones of great quality for your Wusaki knives and for all your other Western type of knives as well as Japanese knives. Our range of whetstones is very complete, as it was created with the purpose of offering you a suitable stone for every type of blade.

    The Wusaki sharpening stones come in 4 complementary models starting with coarse grains, passing to medium grains, and ending with ultra fine grains. The variety of grits enables you to take care of all your knives, regardless of their current condition. For instance, the coarse grains are recommended for restoring the edge of blunt blades, whilst the finest grains are meant to provide a razor sharp finish to ultra hard blades that aren't blunt. The medium grains are meant to be used for regular maintenance of blades so that they can keep a stable level of sharpness.

    Each whetstone has a double-sided design (for example: a side grit 1000 and a side grit 3000), which is perfect to obtain more complete results! These stones are meant to be used wet, so they need to be soaked in water about 15 minutes before usage.

    Choose now the best Wusaki whetstone for your kitchen knives and keep them always sharp! You can also buy a Wusaki knife and keep it in "good health" with the help of your whetstone!

  • Wusaki Knife Sets

    Discover in this page all the Wusaki knife sets available on our website! We offer you different types of sets from the main Wusaki knife ranges: the Damas VG10 series and the Pakka X50 series. You can find Wusaki sets with 2 knives as well as sets with 3 knives. The types of knives included in the sets are varied: you can find a chef knife, a santoku knife, a paring knife, a utility knife... Each of them enables you to be at ease with every cut during the preparation of your favourite dishes. The sets are sold in beautiful, black boxes with a rigid mousse in its interior, which is ideal for protecting the knives against strokes. These elegant boxes make these sets an excellent option to offer as a gift to a loved one whether he or she is a professional cook or not.

    Buying a Wusaki knife set is a smart investment for your kitchen. Whether you choose a set from the Damas VG10 series or one from the Pakka X50 series, one thing is for sure: you'll love the efficiency and great quality of the knives as well as their original design.

    To help you making the right choice, please find below the main characteristics of each knife range:

    Damas VG10 knives: each of these knives has a blade with a VG10 steel core. This Japanese steel has 1% of carbon content, which is higher than the aveage, and that is why the knives a harder and more durable sharp edge. The core is covered with 67 layers of damascus steel (meaning that layers of soft and hard steel overlap each other), which creates an original look on the blade. With these knives, you can make clean and easy cuts thanks to the manual sharpening done with a grinding leather band at a 30°. Last but not least, the handle is made out of piece of olive wood, which is a type of woo that smells good and feels smooth on the surface. Its original veinings running along the knife create a dazzling look.

    Pakka X50 knives: the blade of each knife is made of German steel with a composition of X50CrMoV15. This type of steel contains 15% of chromium and 0.5% of carbon, which makes a good balance for a blade that is hard but easy to sharpen. The top part of the blade has been hammered with a press, which creates an original, irregular surface that is unique to each knife. The edge is sharpened in the same way as for the Damas VG10 knives: using a grinding leather band placing the blade's edge at an angle of 30°. Finally, the handle is made of pakkawood, which is a highly resistant composite material made out of wood and resin compressed at high temperature. The dark, reddish tones on the handle give the knife a truly original look.

    Now that you have all the information, you can make the best choice for your kitchen and choose the right Wusaki knife set!

  • Wusaki Cutlery Sets

    Discover in this page all the Wusaki Japanese cutlery sets that we offer you on our website! If you're looking for a way to equip your table with beautiful and effective cutlery, you have come to the right place. For example, you could get a set of 4 steak knives with serrated blades or a set of 4 table knives with round tips. If you also need forks for your table, we also have a set with 2 forks + 2 steak knives and a set with 2 forks + 2 table knives with round tips. Whichever is your need, here you can find the right set that fits you the best.

    The Wusaki steak knife has a blade made of SUS420J2 stainless steel, which is a material widely used in the culinary world because is safe to use with food and has great resistance to corrosion. In fact, its corrosion resistance is thanks to its high chromium content of 14%. Moving on, the handles are made of black POM. This synthetic material, sames as the stainless steel, is found very often in kitchens. Some of the biggest advantages of POM are that it is lightweight, easy to maintain, and it resists to changes in temperature. Each handle is completed with beautiful steel rivets.

    For the knives and the forks, the handles are the same, but for the forks, the tines are made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is equally resistant and durable.

    These Wusaki cutlery sets are easy to maintain as they are dishwasher safe. Each set comes in a dark box on top of which appears the brand name of Wusaki in silver characters. Each set is thus an ideal option to offer as a gift.

    Refined and elegant, the design of the Wusaki forks and knives fits perfectly in every table. From the great quality of the materials to the beautiful contrast between the black handles and the steel blades, each detail plays an important role in making these sets special!

    Do not hesitate anymore and opt for a Wusaki cutlery set to equip your dining table!

  • Handcrafted knives

    Check out our page to sharpen your interests in the traditionnally handcrafted Japanese knives! Investing in a handmade Japanese knife rather than an industrial knife offers many advantages. First and foremost, acquiring a hand-forged knife is like holding a masterpiece in the palm of your hand because of its unique and authentic look. Moreover, a handmade knife also means enjoying a blade with increased hardness, and therefore a highly durable and razor-sharp edge that goes with it. Selecting a traditional Japanese knife also ensures that the raw materials used to craft this incredible piece of cutlery are rare and of exceptional quality. Indeed, the Wusaki handcrafted knives are made of noble and sought-after woods such as the honoki (magnolia), walnut wood and morado wood. Lastly, as the Japanese tradition demands, the artisan has to sign its finished artwork in kanji characters which adds even more charm to the knife.

    Wusaki proposes a wide selection of Japanese handmade knives ranging from the classic blade shapes like the Santoku to the more original ones such as the Kiritsuke or the Bunka. 

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